Thursday, May 20, 2010

There was a cold stone in my chest (Part of Exorcism of a Feminist Collaboration, part 2)

Performative photography, photography and object; burning pen on birch tree,

Digital C-Prints, 70 x 50 cm, 2010

These photographies, plus more, were commisioned by the Swedish queer art magazine FUL and published in FUL #1-2/2010.

Exorcism of a Feminist Collaboration scrutinizes and processes the artists' experiences of being kicked out from the feminist artist/activist group that she co-founded in 2005 - The YES! Association, in 2008-10.

The work Exorcism of a Feminist Collaboration departs from the artists' personal need for rituals in order to process the violent experiences of power in this unsolved conflict, and a need to find a way to speak even though she had been silenced. Partly the works departs from an urge to displace this conflict from a personal to a structural level and to question why, when we encounter personal conflicts in feminist groups, we don't apply the tools internally, that we implement externally.

As Audre Lordes' beautiful and well-known statement declares will the master's tools never dismantle the master's house.