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‘Holes Dug, Rocks Thrown - Line Skywalker Karlström's Work Through The Prism Of Queer And Feminist Art Practices’ is the first comprehensive presentation of the artist Line Skywalker Karlström’s work. It documents a practice, that over a period of more than twenty years have been committed to ‘queer feminist world making’ using a performative and embodied approach.
Correspondingly with Skywalker Karlström’s understanding of art as a chaotic and associative knowledge production, which unfolds as a collaborative and ongoing conversation, their book has become a bastard monograph, which describes an artistic practice through its relationships and its flock.

For the book, Skywalker Karlström has invited a number of colleagues to engage in conversations with them departing from selected works and jointly attempt to expand upon the strengths and qualities of queer and feminist artistic strategies.
In addition to an extensive documentation of works, drawings and ephemera, ‘Holes Dug, Rocks Thrown’ contains a number of inserts with works by other artists, which have informed Skywalker Karlström’s art practice.

Contributions by: Kajsa Dahlberg, Ester Fleckner, Jenny Grönvall, Leif Holmstrand, Fiona McGovern, Imri Sandström, Jenny Tunedal, Emma Wolf-Haugh and Line Skywalker Karlström
Editors: Line Skywalker Karlström and Johan Norling
Design: Sara Kaaman
Published by Archive Books, Berlin

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