Monday, March 17, 2008

Combustion (I am angry and I am sad and so are you)

Performance, duration 60 minutes

Critique of hetero-normativity was the point of departure for the performance Combustion (I am angry and I am sad and so are you). I entered the gallery wearing jeans and t-shirt, took my t-shirt off and held a short speach before I wrote the text "I am angry and I am sad and so are You" on my chest and arms. Thereafter I invited the audience to come with me out in the street outside the gallery. With me I brought a baby pram prepared with sheets, cloths and newspaper paper.

Outside the gallery I placed the audience on one side of the street and the pram on the other, poured grill fluid over the baby pram and stuck a match to it. While the baby pram was burning I stood together with the audience watching it and asking one person at a time if I could hold their hand. After twenty minutes the baby pram had burned down. Thereafter I went back into the gallery in company with the band Kids On The Ranch(Imri Sandlund and Elin Mörkeberg). They gave a short concert in my installation, where the wall was covered by newspaper clip. The day after the burned out baby pram was installed on the site .

Photo: Elin Mörkeberg